Last week, we brought together Mike Bambrick from the Brand Experience Group (BXG) and our Head of Strategy and Planning, Melinda Lang, to give you a peek into how we make the most out of our client’s marketing budgets.

The BXG tried and tested methodology has been tweaked and validated by business schools, trade associations, and businesses over the last 27 years, delivering a truly unique, accurate, and simplified way to measure the motivations of your consumers, producing effective and efficient marketing campaigns.

Our experience has shown that most brands across all sectors are spending 30% of their marketing budgets ineffectively.

At APS we work with our clients to define and deliver their communications strategy, across multiple touchpoints. The proliferation of marketing channels and the growth of associated data have caused marketers to struggle to know where to focus in this increasingly complex landscape. This is compounded by the fact that more than 4 in 10 industry metrics do not effectively show marketing performance and commercial success. So, it’s no wonder that only a quarter of CMOs feel confident in the ability to measure the ROI of their media spend (DMA Report, 2021).

We help brands and marketers address two core problems. Firstly, create a unified value so that you can compare insights across multiple touchpoints, and secondly to understand how your sustainability strategies are interpreted by consumers and the impact of these results on your market share.

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