The Horizon – The Future of Financial Services

How easy it is for consumers to connect to financial services, will determine how successful those financial services businesses are in the future.

In this Horizon Scan, we highlight how financial services will connect consumers, power products, brands and connected ecosystems, be the enablers of income generation for consumers, and remain relevant to consumers through purpose.

We have sought and collated insights from some of the world’s foremost financial thought-leaders in order to bring you this concise view of the future of financial services. Looking at the following topics;

  • Human Centred – A human-centred innovation strategy ensures relevant digital products and services can be delivered to your customers consistently, sustainably and at a steady pace
  • The C-Word – When looking back at Covid, we’ll see it as a great reset. A point where leaders pivoted and rebooted their strategy to capitalise on innovation and set a new course for the next decade
  • (In)Visible Power – Financial services brands will need build connected products that can be inserted into other brands marketplaces
  • Latchkey Loyalty – consumers are demanding more flexible products and the seamless ability to move from brand to brand
  • Powering Invisible Ecosystems – Banks are moving away from being a repository for money to a platform for income empowerment and generation
  • Be-connected – take products to consumers, don’t wait for them to come to you
  • Humanising Digital – blend digital and physical channels to create human experiences
  • The new oil – Financial services organisations will start to unleash insight and elevate custodianship of consumer data and engender trust as a result
  • Customer Obsession – For the most successful changemakers, everything they do starts and ends with its customers
  • Purposeful Ideas – Consumers and employees prefer firms that align with their environmental and social values, and that have purpose

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