The Coronavirus pandemic has hit almost every industry, forcing companies to tighten budgets, furlough staff and even reconsider the entire way in which they operate.

The third sector is no different. The pandemic has created numerous challenges for charities, from finding new ways to replicate physical fundraising events to keeping donors engaged.

This practical guide covers four key things your charitable organisation can be doing right now to help alleviate these immediate challenges, while also ensuring you remain sustainable for the future:

  • Communicating with your audience – clear, consistent communications that hit the right tone
  • Creating an omnichannel strategy – joining the dots between strategically crafted print and digital
  • Rethinking the charity shop – how to adapt for social distancing, or take it online
  • Taking events virtual – creating engaging, shareable events for your audience

Download the guide for more information, including practical examples and actionable ideas to make these four strategies work for your organisation.

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