3D Renders

For the launch of the new Tessera carpet tile range a new set of product shots were required for both online and offline marketing

The initial request was to shoot the flooring products in physical locations such as Hotels, Higher Education and studio environments. Due to the flooring product being manufactured in quarterly batches, this would result in multiple shoots which would incur an increased set of costs for the venue and prop hire.

As there was a significant time between shoots there was also a danger of inconsistency in the physical environments, and changes in the locations and lighting due to the time of year.

Due to the potential challenges, we proposed a different approach that should be taken by using photorealistic renders which could be produced. The main benefit of producing 3D environments is both cost savings and the ability to configure the sets at any time.

The operation followed the same process as a photo shoot, creating mood boards, and prop selection. Once these were signed off, 3D environments were built which allowed the camera angles, lighting and texturization to be configured to each specific flooring tile.

When each of the tile variations from the range was manufactured, each tile was photographed and placed into the 3D render. Each tile colorway could be pictured in our in-house photography studio, through post-production and output as a render in under half a day.

The approach provided savings of 4x the value of a pure photographic route and a library of 3D models that can be used for future products.

The outcome was a suite of photorealistic renders in 10 different carpet tile color-ways that were used in the inlay in sample books and in online marketing collateral.