Communications as a Service

We enable our clients to connect with their customers through multiple channels. By rapidly enacting change and simplifying complexities through the design, implementation and management of end-to-end customer communications programmes, we deliver seamless digital journeys in a secure manner. Managing inbound and outbound communications, we join up all channels and automate the experience, improving response times and service while reducing cost.

Customer Communications Manager

Our Customer Communications Manager platform is designed to simplify the complexities that can accompany the implementation and operation of various communications services. The leading technology platform encompasses; multichannel communications, inbound automation, mobile communications, document composition and Hybrid Mail.

Multichannel Communications

We act as a communications partner, allowing companies to gain access to our technology platform, along with data specialists, who will manage the entire process. With just one simple data stream in, clients get a dynamic output capable of reaching customers on either a ‘one to many’ or ‘one to one’ basis – via email, mobile, SMS, social, web, print and more.

Inbound Automation

Through our partnership approach, organisations get instant access to a range of document handling technologies that make this whole process faster and less painful. By embracing intelligent documentation automation, be that for physical mail or email, organisations improve accuracy and speed of handling which ultimately benefits their customer service.

Mobile Communications

Mobile communications, such as SMS, offer a fast and cost-effective method to connect with customers in a timely manner. Through our Customer Communications Manager platform, organisations are able to easily access this technology and supplement the breadth of their communication channels in the process.

Document Composition

These design requirements often include the need to provide crystal clear communication, coupled with a call to action, using personalised data. We provides this capability as a service, so our clients don’t need to make any upfront investments. This approach provides in-built flexibility allowing brands to scale their requirements up and down as required. This can be managed by our team off-site, or via a design team that will carry out the work on-site.

Hybrid Mail

MailSecure, APS’s hybrid mail solution, provides individual employees with the ability to easily manage the creation, printing and posting of customer communications. APS can manage all mail requests, including those coming from employees working from home or anywhere in the world. This means organisations gain access to a fundamental business continuity solution if their offices are ever closed.

Disaster Recovery

Our Disaster Recovery Solution uses a reserved capacity model to ensure availability matches requirements, so you can be confident there is no shortfall in capacity. With two state of the art production sites, innovative technology and expertise we ensure there is no unnecessary complex supply chain or operational management required at times of organisational stress.

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