Warner Bros. Discovery partners with APS Group for European launch of Max

After successful launches in the US and LATAM, the much-loved streaming service that has delivered countless iconic series and films will now be available to a European audience for the first time, as of 21st May. We’re thrilled to have partnered with Warner Bros. Discovery on this exciting launch by providing a full end-to-end service for Branded Merchandise products.

From sourcing, compiling and fulfilment, our team delivered large quantities of 39 product types, to 19 different countries to support the launch events.

Darina Cisneros, Marketing Manager at WBD, says: “Working with APS Group has been great – the team are creative and innovative and are very responsive to any queries. They were able to provide exactly what we needed, and the products delighted our audience across all launch activities. Thank you to the team and all involved in making this launch run smoothly.”

Anne-Marie O’Hara, Category Director for Branded Merchandise at APS Group added, “We’re very proud to have supported the European launch for HBO Max and helping them to engage with their new audience! Our partnership demonstrates the ability and expertise of our team to deliver amazing branded merchandise for large-scale events, and we’re very excited to see the partnership with HBO Max continue to grow.”

If you would like to speak to our team about Branded Merchandise, or how we can support your future campaigns, then please get in touch via hello@theapsgroup.com.

Our journey to net zero with Carbon Capture

APS Group has helped Premier’s Carbon Capture® programme raise over £1.83 million to date for the Woodland Trust, funding more than 480,000 trees with the potential to capture approximately 110,580 tonnes of CO2e over their lifetime. 100% of the funds raised through the programme are passed directly to the Trust to fund woodland conservation and the planting of trees, which will absorb carbon from the atmosphere during their lifetime. The new woodland created provides habitats for wildlife and green spaces for all to enjoy. We’re delighted to be part of this programme, and sharing our values of a responsible approach to the environment.

The Woodland Trust work tirelessly to protect, restore, create and care for our woodlands to ensure that they can be enjoyed for generations to come. Find out more on the Trust’s work and strategy here.

Supporting the Woodland Trust’s to establish 60,000 hectares of native woodland across the UK by 2030

The Trust’s woodland carbon scheme helps organisations reduce their carbon footprint by locking up unavoidable carbon emissions while helping nature thrive. Trees don’t just mitigate carbon, removing it from the atmosphere, they also sequester it – absorbing carbon dioxide during photosynthesis and then locking it up for centuries. In 2022 the Trust turned 50, over that time 500,000 people from the UK and beyond have been inspired to be a member or supporter of the Woodland Trust. The Woodland Trust care for more than 1,000 free public woods, growing more than 50 million trees.

Woodland covers just 13.2% of the UK, with only 7% of all Britain’s native woodland in good ecological condition. Climate change has meant that spring happens on average 8.5 days earlier which is having catastrophic effects on a multitude of different species. For example, blue tit chicks are hatching later than the caterpillars they feed on. Although woodland cover is gradually increasing, woodland wildlife populations are dramatically decreasing so it’s vital we’re part of this programme to ensure our woodlands can be enjoyed for years to come.

See more on our sustainability commitment.

Planting the Seeds of Change!

This week, we cemented our commitment to combat climate change in collaboration with the Woodland Trust by helping to plant 3,500 native saplings on the picturesque former Frodsham Golf Course in Cheshire. We joined 20 other businesses and around 100 of their enthusiastic employees and customers for a day of planting saplings which will one day grow into a thriving native forest.

Native trees such as Maple, Oak and Silver Birch, hold the key to addressing the immediate challenges of climate change and biodiversity loss. Being a part of Premier’s tree planting initiative, Carbon Capture®, demonstrates a joint dedication to providing sustainable solutions for excess CO₂ emissions within our industry.

The Frodsham site is set to be transformed into native broadleaf woodland, contributing to the growth of The Mersey Forest and the larger Northern Forest, which spans from Liverpool to the Yorkshire coast. With tree cover in Merseyside and Cheshire at 6 to 7%, some way below the national average of 13%, this initiative serves as a beacon for environmental conservation and mitigating climate change.

The objectives for the Frodsham site are to support nature recovery, climate change mitigation, and increase community involvement. The new woodland will also provide habitats for wildlife, offer public recreation spaces, and contribute to long-term carbon storage.


“APS Group have engaged with the Woodland Trust for many Years and actively takes part in the Tree Planting days organised through one of our key Suppliers ‘Premier Paper Group.’ The Carbon Capture programme focuses on the UK, protecting ancient, veteran and valuable woods, plus creating new quality woodland and growing UK native trees to benefit nature, the climate and future generations. It is a perfect initiative which we at APS are glad to support and gives companies and their clients the opportunity to mitigate carbon and demonstrate their sustainable development goals.”

Brian Henners, Global In-Direct Supply Chain Director at APS Group


We’re proud to contribute to the UK’s ‘net zero by 2050’ target by being a part of Premier’s Carbon Capture® programme. This initiative has created over 3 million square meters of new native woodland in the UK, which equates to 107,571 tonnes of CO₂e to be mitigated. We can’t wait to join the initiative again next year!

Read more out about our sustainability commitments here.

Partnering with the Crown Commercial Service to help schools print more sustainably!

APS developed Print Marketplace, an innovative online portal for purchasing print, in partnership with the Crown Commercial Service and YPO. We’re incredibly proud of the platform’s commitment to sustainability and social value. Schools, universities and academies now have a truly sustainable option for purchasing the thousands of print items they need every year.

Ross Buthee, Commercial Lead at CCS, recently featured in the Department for Education’s ‘Buying for Schools’ blog, explained how easy it is to make responsible buying decisions using the system, and how it can contribute to organisational goals. The online solution makes it easy to opt for more environmentally friendly buying decisions, even down to choosing a specific grade of sustainability (such as 100%-recycled) for materials used.

With ability to filter quotes by delivery miles, buyers can choose to support local suppliers and reduce CO2 emissions with the same purchase, and residual carbon emissions can be offset with most print quotes, which is a win for everyone! You can read more about Print Marketplace here 🌍👉