We’re thrilled to be collaborating with the iconic Boston Duck Tours, to produce print material for the city’s most unique attraction. The company uses “amphibious” military-style vehicles, replicas of those used during WWII, to take visitors of the city on a historic tour of Boston, both on land and across the Charles River.

Our Boston team have been working with the tour company since January and have been responsible for the production of brochures and tickets. Boston Duck Tours run up to 135 tours per day during peak summer season, meaning a high volume of tickets and brochures are needed over the busy period.

Key Account Manager at APS Group’s Boston office said: “Working with Boston Duck Tours has been an exciting venture for APS Group, giving us the opportunity to work closely with a popular and local organization that represents everything we love about this city – history, culture and entertainment wrapped into one.”

Boston Duck Tours gives passengers the chance to see Boston’s most famous sights, including the golden-domed State House, Beacon Hill and the Prudential Tower. During the tour, the official ConDUCKtors guide passengers through the history of the city, providing them with fun and educational facts about Boston – and maybe even a few hidden secrets!

If you’re based in Boston or you’re visiting the city, why not try the famous tour for yourself? Please make sure to tag us on Twitter @aps_group if you do, we’d love to see all your experiences!